UPS Uninterruple Power Supply


PowerWalker VFI 20000-40000 3-3 BX Series2

A Online UPS always provide clean power and have a protection against all standard power problems in a network.

A Online UPS is build up with double- conversation technology. First, incoming AC power is converted into DC power and stored in a buffer. In the second step the buffered DC power is converted to AC power and made available for the loads. Doing so the UPS loads are isolated from incoming AC power (and all its problems) and fed by power generated by the UPS. The result is an always clean and stable output power.

Another advantage of this technology is the fact that there is no transfer time in case of a failure. Furthermore a Online UPS provides the most reliable voltage regulation which is typically within 2-3 percent of the standard voltage wave form. Online UPS offers USB port (RS-232) to connect to a multitude of operating systems for maintenance, monitoring voltage, power and battery status.

Online UPS are designed for all critical applications

CG PF1 serien med PF 1.0

VFI CG är en ny UPS serie från PowerWalker  

Ny serie av UPS från PowerWalker

PowerWalker™ har lanserat nya UPS under hösten 2016. Bland annat en Rack UPS


VFI CPT 3/3 är en avancerad och mycket flexibel UPS anpassad för krävande applikationer i IT-miljö. 
VFI CPM är en modul uppbyggd UPS, upp till 300 kW (420 kW)

Plug and Play UPS

VFI CP är en mycket driftsäker UPS som är enkel att installera och underhålla.