Powertrust Solutions AB offer key turn gen set solutions to the Swedish market. Our product portfolio includes gen sets from 10 kVA up to + 2000 kVA and our main customers are municipalities, telecom, IT industry, manufacturing, utility companies etc.

We offer tailored solutions for each customer and project. We take responsibility from initial planning to complete installation and commissioning. We work with the leading manufacturers in Europe to be able to supply the most cost effective solution to each customer.


Powertrust Solutions AB offers large diesel gen sets. Contact us for details!


Gen sets from 880 kVA up to 2285 kVA in ISO containers. Each gen set is tailored to the customers requirements.


Hybrid generators

Hybrid system are available in many versions for various applications.

Open standard gen sets

Open gen sets

Open gen sets mounted on a steel frame

Powertrust delivers reliable solutions

Portable generators

We offer portable diesel generators for the professional user.

Soundproof generator

Soundproof gen sets

Soundproof gen sets mounted i a canopy specifically made for our Nordic climate. Effective insulation gives low noise levels and make then suitable in applications for example close to residential areas. These can also be delivered as mobile gen sets on a trailer.