Powertrust Solutions AB (former Marin & Maskin AB) was established in 1990 in Timmernabben, outside of Kalmar. In July 2010 we moved to Kalmar where we now have our office and warehouse.

At its founding in 1990 the focus was on backup power/power ​plants, boats and marine products. The business has been based on the sale of backup power, diesel generators, electric motors and transmissions for over 15 years.

​Over the years has powerplants and backup power become an increasing part of the business and today the business isentirely focused on backup power and related products and services, which means the sale, planning, installation and service of the power plants to customers all over Sweden.

​Backup power systems and powerplants currently represents more than 80% of our total sales and our clear goal is to continue to grow in that area. Our customers is primarily municipalities, industries, energy companys, national defence and IT-industries, where ​demands are high on reliability and dependability. Our strength is that we take full responsibility and perform the projects in close cooperation with the customer from the initially planning to delivery and installation, and above all, service and maintenance.

​Powertrust Solutions AB work together with some of the leading gen sets manufacturers in Europe. That enables us to present a ​wide range of products and flexible customized solutions combined with our knowledge and ​experience.

​Our ambition ​is to offer the most appropriate and cost effective solution for each project and client ranging from small utilities to large powerplants.